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"We all have a journey. Sometimes we may lose ourselves and need help looking within to create new paths to connect and grow. Speaking isn’t easy, it takes strength and authenticity. But when you begin to live your truth, we can find healing."



My name is Danielle Jenkins, LCSW-S and I am honored to assist you in your journey of healing. Finding a therapist who you connect with isn’t always easy. My mission is to provide an environment that fosters comfort, authenticity, and healing. Through witty jokes and down to earth conversations, I strive to have all of my clients feel as if they can finally have a space to take the mask off, they’ve been hiding under without fear of judgment. 

Outside of therapy, I am a total foodie and enjoy traveling to new places to experience the world. I also enjoy playing with my dog, listening to music, and hiking. Think you might be interested? Schedule a free consultation with me today! Let’s start the journey to become grounded within.


I began my journey graduating in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science from Howard University in Washington DC followed by a Master of Social Work degree in 2017 from the University of Houston. Through my educational and employment experience I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse population to further enrich my understanding of cultural differences. One significant thing I’ve learned over the years is how impactful childhood memories play a role on the current functioning of an individual. I am a consultant in training and certified in EMDR as well as skilled and trained in DBT. These two modalities have equipped me with targeting those negative memories locked away to create a sense of peace in the present and minimize maladaptive behaviors.


I specialize in working with adolescents and adults who struggle with trauma and PTSD symptoms. However, my skillset extends to any past memories that have caused shame, sadness, anger, or anxiety. Additionally, I have experience working with suicide ideation, self-harm, substance use, and relationship issues.

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2401 Fountain View Suite 544 

Houston, TX 770057

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